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Keep Our Studio School

“We are devastated…immensely disappointed…saddened… it will be a big mistake!” – parents across the Isle of Wight are reeling a week after the announcement that the Island’s Studio School is threatened by closure in 2019. On an island which remains … Continue reading

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Genuine politics in 2017 for a new vinyl age

In 2017 we must put aside talk of Left versus Right – for this only serves to fuel extremism and division. It isn’t about Left v Right. It is about People versus Power. I got a record player for Christmas. … Continue reading

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Alliances on the Isle of Wight?

Islanders don’t want a Conservative MP. It is clear in every recent General Election vote on the Isle of Wight that the majority of voters did not choose to vote blue: 2015 = 40.7% Conservative votes 2010 = 46.7% 2005 … Continue reading

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Calling all caulkheads, grockles and mallyshags

Today is the inaugural Isle of Wight Day – brainchild of our current High Sheriff Robin Courage. Though many of us would argue that every day is IW Day, the 75 miles of bunting strewn across the island should not … Continue reading

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Brexit – are there silver linings?

  The people were asked and the people responded. The UK is going to leave the EU. I repeat – just in case it hasn’t sunk in yet – we have voted and the UK will leave the European Union. … Continue reading

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We must listen and we must rebuild

It will be a relief when it is Friday morning. After the 3 months of referendum campaigning, arguing and debating comes the important part – the voting. This process of the People of the United Kingdom deciding what kind of … Continue reading

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It’s not the EU that is undemocratic – it is Westminster

“I’m voting to Leave the EU because of our democracy, sovereignty for the UK and I want my country back.” “If I dislike you enough – I can vote you out. I cannot have the same effect with the EU … Continue reading

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